Browsing2, nemu nasihat bagus u/ ngebangun kepercayaan sama “silabusnya” Tuhan buat diri kita. Mudah2an dicatat sbg pemberat timbangan kebaikan buat yg nulis.

“..if you feel your prayer has not been answered then Allah is wanting your patience . The very purpose we are given trials and hardships is to test our patience and reliance and trust in Allah.

Therefore continue to be patient and put your trust and reliance in Allah that whatever happens happened from his decree.

We as humans are very impatient and when a dua is not answered when we want it to we start thinking all sorts. But this is not the right way to handle trials and hardships. We are given trials and hardships so that we may become closer to Allah and also as expiation of sin.

What we may view as badluck or misfortune may actually be a blessing in disguise. Allah tests us because he wants good for us. Also as humans if we don ‘ t get what we asked for then we think we have lost out but we do not we know what is best for us ONLY Allah does .

So we should continue to ask of Allah and be patient trusting in him and putting our reliance on him that he will do whatever is best for us as long as we remain patient and continue asking of him . Just because you do not recieve what you wanted does not mean that it is necesserily best for you . Allah will do what is best for you inshallah but never lose hope and never question him as to “why” because we should accept his decree because he knows best and we know not what is best for us. And Allah knows best in all matters.”