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When I was a child, I read some books written by Enid Blyton. I was passionate to follow Noddy’s life, to smile at Monyet Mike, and to live with many characters that she had created. Those arewere great stories.

Among them, there’s a story which hashad a beautiful humanity messagebeautiful message of humanity. That’s short storyThe story was entitled “Forward The Charity”. In that story, a little girl’s dress was torn (I forget the girl’s name). Her mom then sewed it. She thanked her mom and offered some help to repay her mom’s assistance, “Is there something I can do to help you?” However, instead of asking for some help, momthe woman told the little girl to that the little girl should forward the charity to others, and not to her, and say to the one whom she has helped help that he/she should also forward the charity, again and again, so that the charity will would never stopend.

The little girl thinkedtought about what charity she can could give to anotherothers. She knew that the moment just came when she looked at someone who needed help. She quickly gave her assistance. After that, she said what her mom had told to her. “Don’t repay my charity. Just forward this charity to another person and remember to tell one whom you helpthat person what I told am telling to you,” said the little girl.

In the end of the story, the author said that the charity had come to her. She had just been helped by another. So she tried to forward the charity by writing the story to remind children around the world that life could would be beautiful if they didn’t mind to would give assistance to others.

She closed the story by asking the readers to forward her charity and to say to the ones whom they helphave helped that he/she should to forward that the charity, again and again. By doing that, every single charity would always excistsexcist in our lives.

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