When my teacher told me Charles Darwin’s evolution theory, I simply reject it. Yes, I can’t imagine if this wonderful universe is created accidentally without Creator. Because this universe has its unique pattern and science has discovered some of its rules. It’s hard for me to accept the theory.

Hard, doesn’t mean that I know the matter well. One day I joined an event. There was one session of motivating speech delivered by Mr. Director. “Nothing is accidental,” he said. The topic became interesting when Mr. Director applied the rejection of evolution theory into daily life. According to his perspective, our life is part, a little part, of Creator’s grand design.

Let’s say, you’re a teacher. Do you think, your profession comes randomly to you? Is there no grand design which leads you to get the job?

Nothing happens accidentally. Your job now, your situation now, have a relation to a grand design which is created by The Creator. There is hope, there is responsibility, or obligation, imposed to you.

While Mr. Director continued delivering his speech, I realized that my rejection against evolution theory was just partial rejection. It doesn’t touch my daily life. I thought that my job was a random result of some possibilities.

I think, Mr. Director’s perspective is very important. By understanding that nothing’s accidental, we can feel the responsibility which is imposed to us by God, The Creator of the grand design.